Born in 2240 on the space station Arcturus during the "Ant Border War" he was basically born as an Alliance soldier. He's a battle hardened veteran. He was awarded the Star of Terra after blowing up an "Ant" dreadnought.

Early stages of his lifeEdit

He was born on arcturus station in 2240 his father and mother where in the Alliance Military. His mother died on SSV Washington when a Imperial dreadnought mistook their ship to be an Ant ship. His father became almost insane from his depression, so his father went to the nearest imperial system and rammed the ship, which killed his wife. Kamiel was left with no one to take care of him. His dad's best friends took care of Kamiel until he was 18 and joined the special forces.

Military LifeEdit

Under his military career he earned his Star of Terra by single handedly boarding and destroying an "Ant" dreadnought by planting a bomb in the engine core, causing the ship to implode. In the blast he managed to kill the most notorious "Ant" ever known, who had enslaved many humans and destroyed entire planets' environments. He quickly went from a recruit to an admiral. It took him 10 years to become the head admiral of the alliance. He fought many battles against the "Ants" and has won many battles by his ship-to-ship strategis and his tactics on planets. He currently lives on Arcturus, in the core regions.