// Imperial Log 002 //

The galactic force known as the Empire is ruled by the Grand Council. These few leaders make the decisions that determine what imperial life is like.

Galactic Council 2

Current Council Members:Edit

Each council member rules one planet on their own, but all advise one another and hold meetings on the Empire's home planet.


Grand Admiral Forestburger rules over the capital planet of the Empire. His glorious vision has created, united, and led the faction to its current standings.


Admiral Zorkdeath rules over the planet Drajick. His many accomplishments during the war against the Ants, along with his display for leadership capabilities have helped him climb the ranks of the Empire.

Dr. McLove:Edit

Sgt. Platypus:Edit

Also known as Commander Indus, or "Indy" by his fellow soldiers.


Elections for new council members are held once every cycle, or 2-3 weeks.

Candidates will be nominated, voted on, and notified if they are chosen.

This choice is based on how you act, your contributions to the Empire, and how active you are.

Veterans of the Council:Edit

Here are the past members of the council.

// End of Transmission //